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NYC gets Brown Eyed Girls


While AKB48 was showering fans at Webster Hall, Korean sensation Brown Eyed Girls catered to a more older and sexier crowd. The girls performed at the Circle Night Club in New York City, one of the hottest clubs in town.

The four member group was invited to the Korean Chuseok Festival in NYC and later performed at the club. So fans were given a double dose of the quartet. While the girls didn’t perform many songs, it didn’t stop them [or their fans] from showing off their hot bodies and the ever-so-difficult hip dance to their song, “Abracadabra”.

While some have difficulty understanding their outfits, I think they’re hot. It fits the theme and if your going to do a hip sway you need something that will show off your body. So tight hugging, form fitting articles of clothing is the only way to go. You have to admit not many people can pull this look off.

You would think that being in Los Angeles we would be privy to such acts, but alas we are not. One thing has become clear, K-Pop artists love NYC more than they do L.A., and I don’t blame them, its the ‘Big Apple’, everyone wants to go there, even the suicide bombers.

What I do think is sad, is that they didn’t even go or stop by Iggy. They should have taken advantage of that while they were in NYC. So it looks like the cute girls of AKB48 upped one on the sexy ladies of Brown Eyed Girls.

At least we get Son Dam Bi, who by the way will be performing in L.A. in November.

Check out Allkpop‘s interview with the foursome.

For a better quality check out enigmatt’s version of the Brown Eyed Girls performance at the festival. It really is a much better, higher quality version.

credit: jaysonnj
photos from seoulbeats

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  1. tracking back – NYC gets Brown Eyed Girls… tracking back – NYC gets Brown Eyed Girls…

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