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Jin Akanishi and an eggplant?

Akanishi Jin

So remember that An-An shoot that Jin did this month? And how everything was his idea (the full monty and all)? Well that full monty shot took several hours to complete and well, lets just say Jin didn’t seem to eager to get out of bed after it was done.

When he finally did get out of the bed to go use the restroom, let’s just say that his face wasn’t the only thing that people were seeing. According to an eyewitnesses (aka staffers), “an extra large kyo-nasu” peeped out. Kyo-nasu is short for Kyoto eggplant. One of them also said that it didn’t match his body.

You know, we’re not surprised at this. If he didn’t get blue balls or anything, I would really be worried. He had a pretty girl lying on top of him, naked, anyone would get want to get some. Although, I know I’m not the only one getting a funny mental image of a ‘kyo-nasu’ on Jin.

thanks to ajin for the tip
source: uwasako@lj

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3 Responses

  1. centrum says:

    “extra large kyoto eggplant”..!!!!
    Jin resurrects the pervert in me. love him.

  2. skim says:

    I already saw a kyoto eggplant, it was very HUGE one, not like the one you had in your photo bucket. Your simple photo is a bit tiny compared to Jin’s “extra large kyoto eggplant”.

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