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Ex-Johnny’s member, Shouji Narita arrested!

narita shouji
Shouji Narita, who is an ex-member of Johnny’s group “Otokogumi“, has been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possesion on 9/27. He is being held at the Shibuya police station and stated, “The marijuana was for me, I was going to smoke it.

Narita was part of a Johnny’s group called, “Otokogumi“, that was formed in 1984 with Shouji Narita and Kazuya Takahashi as it’s original members; later joined by Kenichi Okamoto and Kouyou Maeda.

The only member that is still a part of Johnny’s Entertainment is Kenichi Okamoto, who’s son is Keito Okamoto of Hey! Say! JUMP.

source: スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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