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Jin Akanishi and another photoshoot

Oh Jin, this is why so many people love you. No matter what you do Johnny just sits back and does nothing.

Jin is seen once again with another foreigner. Can we help it if he likes non-Japanese girls?

Photos from Bubka

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12 Responses

  1. dg says:

    he’s ruining his career and these dumb americans are just using him!!

  2. Pu Bea says:

    Oh wow, how did you get those pics? Seem kind of private… Come on, lets have the boy have his fun 😉

  3. FAYE says:

    i dunno what’s the problem with this. well, that stuff with drugs and so on is not rlly… intelligent XD but it’s nothing wrong party (and if he’s making out with them, what ever), so what?

  4. Jill says:

    I’m sure he’ll end up with Japanese chick anyway. Foreign just come and go + he’s a very young, attractive and totally legal to fool around with hot females. he could put his face on her boobs and people would still love him. trust me lol^^ the rest of you should start dating different background too, like him. who knows, maybe you’ll like it. just don’t take silly picture and post it online

  5. Angel says:

    You guys are way off…Jin will end up with a black chick…..ME! Those pictures were from when he was in LA anyway, right? And dg, don’t hate. Jin is down with the BOOM BOOM POW! *shake my big black ass!

  6. MIKA says:

    what the hell is ggoin on! JIN….i want him to end up with whoever he loves, regardless of color,race and nationality

  7. Linz says:

    who cares who he goes out with? or what his preference of race/colour/nationality is? i love jin because he is acting like a guy of his age should act.. having some fun and taking some risks. “americans use him”? what is that supposed to mean? im not sure many people outside of asia even know who Jin is! so how can they use him?!

  8. laura says:

    i dont care if jin dates other chicks but if he gets marry then i would stop the wedding XD

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