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Erika Sawariji gets fired


Erika Sawajiri gets dismissed from her agency, Stardust Promotion, after a serious breach in her contract. As to why she has been let go has caused a lot of commotion online.

When Sawajiri went to her agency earlier in the week, she was told that she has been dismissed and without fighting it, she accepted it. Her husband Takashiro, though is opposed to this and seems to be fighting it.

While Stardust Promotion has no comment at this time. An insider reveals that, “There are various reasons, but one is a breach of contract.

There’s been a lot of turmoil lately because Sawajiri went with Takashiro to visit the solar eclipse observation in July. Someone pointed out that there was a married couple on a bicycle and the girl wasn’t wearing a helmet, and that girl happened to be Erika. Outsiders pointed this out and brought up the issue, “Isn’t she breaking the law?

Days after they tied the knot (1/19/09), Erika and Takashiro went to New York on 2/13. When they left, it was viewed as a problem when Erika was seen with a famous brand name bag and a pair of sunglasses.

The reason they went to New York was to attend the New York Fashion Show, and Takashiro seems to think that Erika was used as part of a PR scheme (from the brand). Because of the scandal of Noriko Sakai and her husband, Erika who was up for consideration for a movie next year is now being questioned. Both Sawariji and Takashiro are staying in an apartment in the metropolitan area.

Some are saying that the reason for her dismissal has to do with the use of medicine.

It’s been reported that Sakai and Takasou have gone to Ibiza Island in Spain. A spot famous for it’s “drug parties”. The also say the two have participated in the same type of event in Amami-oshima.

Supposedly there will be an article released next week in a magazine that will reveal the truth about her use or medicine.

With everything going on, Sawajiri‘s contract with BMW has ended and her commerical and photo’s have been pulled.

Yomiuri reports that Sawajiri left Japan and stayed in the UK and Spain to study language and graphic design for eight months. She returned to Japan for a brief visit to the total eclipse event at Amami-oshima at the end of July. The same event that Sakai and Takasou have been seen going too.

From our point of view, it seems that the ‘reason’ for her dismissal revolves around the issue of her going to NYC and supposedly doing some type of promotions there for the brand that she was seen wearing. And then the issue of abusing some type of drug came up since she went to an event that Sakai seems to go to, and we all know that if you are seen going to a place Sakai goes to, you’re automatically a druggie too.

source: ズバリ!裏芸能, Yomiuri

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