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YOSHIKI continues with VIOLET UK


In July, YOSHIKI received surgery for his cervical vertebra and is reported to be healthy. Healthy enough for him to resume activities with the project, VIOLET UK. He’s back in the studio and hopes to returning to the stage are now a reality.

When he first came out of the hospital the scar was about 5cm, red and swollen. Now after a month and a half, the scar is red but he feels no pain at all now. Even his doctors are surprised.

Well, we’re not surprised, he can go check up on his race team and put out a whole new jewelry line. How can his doctors be surprised at his recovery. This is YOSHIKI we’re talking about.

Even though we think YOSHIKI needs to retire in the music business, aka stop making music that sounds like a broken record, it’s great that he’s making a full recovery. He’s had that condition for a long time, it’s about time he got that taken care. Ten years of a bad back can force a person to finally seek medical attention wouldn’t you say?

source: sanspo

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