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YOSHIKI releases his new line


So with the recession going on around the world, at least Yoshiki isn’t suffering.

Yoshiki recently released his new line of jewelry, with a “GOTHIC” theme. There are only four exhibitions in all of Japan, and only sold at Takashimaya. The jewelry will be sold from 9/16-9/29 and range from 250,000-30,000,000 yen ($2,739-$328,695USD).

A representative from the Takashimaya store in Shinjuku said, “We broke through the 10,000,000yen in sales by the eighteenth. We’re hoping to get to at least 100,000,000yen by the end of the exhibition.

Last year 800,000 people went to last year’s exhibition. This year, they expect at least 1,000,000 people. They even have a lady who come to the exhibition from China.

One of exhibition halls is placed in between the worldwide brand name, CHANEL and Bulgari.

“When you can buy something like this and it becomes a happy memory for that person, then I’m happy,” said Yoshiki.

Well I’m sure you are Yoshiki, especially when they are putting that money in your pocket. It’s good to know you are still able to come out with this, with the world being in recession and all.

How about spreading that love over to the one’s who aren’t as fortunate as you are?

source: sanspo

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