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[UPDATE] Yamapi is off the market…


For now…

Talking about love lives, its out in the open that NEWS’ member Yamashita Tomohisa has been dating model Seira Kagami for three months.

This un-inviting news to Yamapi fans was discovered on 9/15. The girlfriend, Seira Kagami (22) is half Canadian (father) and half Japanese (mother). They’ve been dating for about three months.

Neither of them have ever worked together but met earlier this year through a mutual friend. According to some people they’ve been dating since the beginning of summer.

Yamapi attended one of Kagami‘s lives in July. Even though he did not stand out too much, people saw the both of the happy together. Kagami apparently also tells some of her most trusted staff members some of their happy times.

Well since the guys’ contracts for not having girlfriend’s is probably lifted, and their fans are older now, it’s good to see news like this out in the open. That or it makes for really great publicity on both their parts, which would explain why JE hasn’t done anything about it yet.

source: yomiuri


Photo’s from Friday magazine showing “Yamapi” and “Seira”. I say in quotes, because the photo’s are not very clear.

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3 Responses

  1. honeydew says:

    Really? I don’t know much about her….but is the news actually real?

    I don’t really care who Yamapi is dating, but just from lookingg at their pictures side by side, they don’t quite seem to match that well? Maybe it’s because I secretly want him to date Keiko Kitagawa, lol! But Yamapi and Keiko seem to get along reallyyyyyy well in Buzzer Beat and they’re always talking to each other on shows and stuff. And there’s nothing wrong with Yamapi dating someone because he’s a growing man. Just as long as he’s not dating someone with a bad reputation then I think it’s totally fine for him to date whoever he wants. 🙂

    • suitestaboo says:

      Well there are photo’s of it I just haven’t gotten around to posting them. But Friday magazine had them, so eh LoL 🙂

      • honeydew says:

        Oh, I see the pictures now. Yeah, that does look like him. They seem to be having a pretty good time eating and you see him whispering in her ear. XD

        Maybe that’s why he’s doing better in Buzzer Beat because the guy is actually “in love” lol! You gotta be in love to be able to express love, right? 😛

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