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Utada Hikaru in the dating scene

utada hikaru

When Hikaru Utada divorced 47 year-old movie director Satoya Kazuaki in March of 2007, it was news of glory for some. But now it seems that Hikaru is in a new relationship, and its rumored that they’ve been seeing each other for at least 15 days.

The man in question is still unknown, but what Josei Jinshin reports is that the man is 34 and is a “nihonga” aka a Japanese-style painter.

The two have been spotted at the “Ancient Egypt in Torino” exhibit at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum earlier this month.

People from the same apartment building as Hikaru have reported seeing the two enter and leave her apartment. Three witness’ say that they leave in the morning at and come back at night together.

A friend of the guys’ says that they go to an artists’ studio. The guy in question told him, “I just go to the studio to work, but I pretty much live there. I have to take care of the princess you know?”

The two have been spotted earlier this month riding their bikes up to a 25 story luxery apartment complex. She stayed at his place for a bit then went home, buying groceries from a high-end supermarket. Later, the man was seen riding his bike to her place and staying the night.



source: 芸能7days

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