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Who’s that girl? Part II


“I saw Koki Tanaka in front of Kanamachi Station as I was walking. He was trying to disguise himself but I could tell it was him.”

Koki said, “It’s so croweded in Shibuya, everyone is like a sardine, there’s no room to walk. I just kind of felt like I wanted others to notice me.” But walking around downtown with a disguise isn’t strange, is it?

I guess the dilemma is the place in question; where he was at. It’s where his ex-girlfriend, Yuu Kinoshita lives. It has been a couple of years since then, especially since she confessed to someone else there (Toshiji Fujiwara)…. but why would you go to a place like that alone?

“When he was going out with Kinoshita, this is the place her and her friends would go and hang out. It also looked like it was with her little sister too.

It does look like that the girl is his ex-gf’s little sister. Her and her friend went to meet him in front of the station. This certainly sounds like a scandal, especially since he’s an idol and part of Johnny’s Entertainment.

“I’m not sure if he got the other girl’s number, since my friend only heard part of their conversation. It feels like he was trying too hard. He definitely looked like he was trying to get the girl’s number, like he was possesed.”

By the way, about his current relationship, “He started going out with her 2 weeks ago, but I don’t know who it is. It’s possible he was just fooling around with that other girl.”

There are many celebrities like Koki that have a lot of girlfriends. “The ones that look like they are mad, are the cool looking ones.” That was part of our conversation, its just one scandal after another, one girl after another, like a play.

Oh why would anyone give this boy a second look? Even a first one? I’ve heard things about him and it just makes me wonder why girls are attracted to him. Maybe because he’s a Johnny’s boy, but still. He tries so hard at trying to be cool, it makes him look un-cool. I remember when I was in Kabukicho last year around Christmas time, I could have sworn I saw him, but I wasn’t sure. It certainly looked like him, but all Japanese boys look identical. It didn’t help he stared at me for a good while, but that was probably because I was staring back at him because he looked familiar.

source: tanteifile

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