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Really upset at the netizens

I’ll be the first to say and admit, I was never a 2PM fan. I will say this though, I am really disappointed and upset at the online community, whether it be fans and anti’s alike. With good reason too.

Look at what the fandom and online communities have done. They took one thing and has forced Jaebeom to resign, thinking it was probably in the best interest of the group and the company. Although part of me does think it is a ploy set by the management to gain sympathy and Jaebeom will be back soon. The fact that he took it upon himself to leave, you know as well as I do that 99.9% of the blame lies within the netizens.

I don’t claim to know what he’s thinking, but I do understand his thoughts. If people can turn something that small into something as big as the UK, then whose to say that they won’t dig up anymore things he’s done in the past and use it against him? We’ve all done things in the past and all have skeletons in our closets, but the past is the past, it can’t be changed, those people need to get over it.

It’s just like those netizens who got on JYP’s case about the way he spelled “ramen”. Hello people, he was in America, he spelled it the way Americans spell it.

While I can’t say that I would have left my group, but maybe Jaebeom needed some time off, or he just doesn’t have the backbone that people in his position, in the industry need in order to survive.

This should be a lesson for everyone. Netizen’s you need to calm down and not take everything so seriously.

Those aiming to be in the same industry, build your backbone first, because you will need it. Lord knows if I got my chance to enter that world, I can only imagine the dirt netizen’s (anti’s) could find on me and use it against me. In my protest though, I’d straight tell them, “You know what yeah I did say/do that, and? It’s not like you have a perfect history, the fact that you even took the time to look this up, proves it.”

Jaebeom, we wish you the best of luck and hopefully think of returning. While I may not listen to your group, I have heard your music and you really are a talented guy. Don’t let a bunch little whiny anti’s ruin your life. Think of it this way, you made it into JYPE, you beat out how many people who applied to be in your position. You’ve got the talent, now go on back to Korea and show them fools what’s up.

Here are photo’s of Jaebeom’s last moments in Korea as well as a fancam. Honestly that fancam made me really sad, just for the mere fact you can really sense the loneliness in him.

photos from: omgkpop

A message to netizens from Bbaek-Ga:

Just two months ago..

The people who had attacked me and accused me of being a shameless pervert..
Again, you send away one of my fellow singer and brother…
After hearing the news
reading the articles
I realize that this place is filled with scary people…
Witch hunt
mob psychology
the people who murder with their fingers from a hidden place..
Even though they have sent away so many to a place where they can no longer return…
I gnash my teeth with indignation at those who seemed to have barely begun to satisfy their appetite…
Anyone can make a mistake
What’s more, taking an incident from someone’s past when they were going through hard times
and making it seem as though this is how the person currently feels..
you have driven away another person..
The job of an entertainer may seem happy and may look like a high paying job
but you wouldn’t know how much psychological and physical pain one goes through
without experiencing it for yourselves..
I just earnestly want this to stop
I am an entertainer
and I don’t have that much influence,
fans, or popularity
I may even seem like just another one of your classmates at school that sits in the corner of the room
but when a situation gets as big as this
I think i have the right to say at least one thing about it..
I am not that close to him, nor do I contact him regularly
The subject matter, and the personality may be different
But I, too, have been recently attacked by people
and I know how big the pain must be
I understand the feelings that he must be going through in the plane back home
And I just hope these kinds of things do not happen again
We are not god
Even nice people can curse and become violent when they are angry
Of course making the same mistake twice wouldn’t be a “mistake’ anymore
but taking a deep reflection and if there is another chance, we can try harder to redeem ourselves
You may think I am being presumptuous by writing this
but this is just my opinion and hope
you can terrorize my cyworld or curse, I do not care
but before you do so, first reflect upon how pure and nice of a person you are
first think about this, and then you can point fingers, curse, or assault me, it is your choice
Forgiveness and understanding
we all know that these are important items of virtue.

credit: Baekga’s cyworld/ saradah / omgkpop

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