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Who’s The Man??


Daichi Miura. The ex-vocalist of Folder 5, is releasing his 2nd solo album and we’re excited. His album drops 9/16, and with hot songs like “Delete my memories” and “Your Love feat. KREVA“, you can’t go wrong.

Daichi may not be “hot”, but when he moves and sings, he’s definitely hot stuff. He is probably one of the very few artists that came out from a not-so-hot idol group when he was younger, and made himself to an established artist.

Pre-order Daichi’s album: Limited Edition | Regular

The limited edition come with a DVD full of PVs.

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  1. shimei says:

    I’m so happy for Daichi Miura. He’s one of those brilliant , but under appreciated artists. I love his voice and his 1st sing “Keep It going on”. I hope this 2nd album hit fair in the cahrts

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