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Don’t know “Nobody”?

wonder girls

I feel sorry for the Wonder Girls, and even more sorry for those living in the Philippines. I’m sure when they came out with this song, they had no intentions of people getting killed over it.

Leo Santos of Tondo, Manila was stabbed and beaten to death because he had no idea what song he was singing. Leo was walking around Corregidor Street when he heard a guy named “Joseph”, sing “Nobody” and asked him what song he was singing.

Apparently Joseph got irritated and decided to stab and beat him along with three other people, Jansen Maglanque, Jonar Balagtas and Rodolfo Aguas. Manila police are now looking for the suspects, as Leo died on the spot on 8/26.

wonder girls

Honestly I am not surprised at this. It was just last year that a man was killed because he can’t sing. To make matters worse, the off-duty cop that was on scene did nothing. The man was shot for not being able to sing a Whitney Houston song, when a karaoke store was advertising their new sets.

This is why people don’t want to go to the Philippines, they’re crazy, they may be even crazier than the Johnny’s and Cassies combined.

credits: akp
translation: Ikay Chun

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