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Shaun you are the man!

shawn evaristo

While the awesomeness that is Shaun wasn’t here stateside, he was teaching choreographing Jiyong’s how to dance. That awesome choreography and the “running man” that me and my friend’s always do when came from no one other than the man himself, Shaun Evaristo.

Recently I was in korea working on GD’s debut. I didn’t get to stay for the making of this shoot so i was pretty excited to see the outcome. I heard all the ideas before hand and so it turned out great. I like the way he kinda just thinks about stuff and goes for it, I’m sure thats a big part of why he’s successful. The dancing was dope! Wish I was on set to guide the movement and fix a couple details but it looks like they got it covered.

Liked the costumes,Iidon’t know if the masks were GD face because I think they were originally supposed to be, but to me the white washes it out so I can’t tell. Looks a little jabba to me, but that wasn’t their original intent so no need to get that mixed up, hey I just do the choreography. lol. Anyway, I’m glad he was happy with the work, and working with him was a pleasure.

Right-o Shaun! You know the funny part, I told my friends, “Dude Jabba much?” But its ok! I still love your work. I do like the choreo though, you’re stuff work is so tight.

You also know my friend’s cousin, Alvin, but yeah another time. Come and choreo for my crew N3RD COR3. No Jabba though and make it hotter than GD’s ok?

source: shaun’s blog

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