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Jang Jin Young passes away

We start the first morning of the ninth month with sad news. Korean model and actress Jang Jin Young lost her battle with stomach cancer this morning (1605 KST).  The model/actress was diagnosed with the disease on 9/22/08 and immediately stopped activities to focus on getting treatment.

Jang Jin re-located to Los Angeles last year to recieve immediate treatment, and was showing improvement. Jang was released on 8/5 and returned to Korea after being released. It was only then her conditioned worsened and she was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul yesterday. Soon after, it was reported by her agency Yedang Entertainment, that the model/actress passed away, leaving many loved ones and fans.

For many this is a tragic loss, for some this is just another sad piece of news. Either way, our hearts go out to her family and her loving boyfriend who was with her every step of the way.

St. Mary’s will be holding a service for anyone who wants to stop by and pay their respects; her funeral will be held on Friday 9/5.

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