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[UPDATE] Noriko Sakai is a druggie!

More news on Noriko and her drug using husband. These past few days, the news has been releasing information on the ongoing investigation of Noriko Sakai and husband, Takaso.  Evidence shows that Noriko has attempted destroy or hide any evidence in her part of drug investigation.  This was before she turned herself in earlier this month.

Noriko took a drug test that tested positive, but to police investigators, is still weak. How so you may ask? Well Noriko cut and dyed her hair, making the test inconclusive on her drug use and history. She also is suspected of destroying her cell phone. Noriko claims that her cell phone was damaged and unusable, therefore throwing it away. That cell phone could have led to the the source of the drugs if found.

She has admitted to using drugs, but only since last summer; husband Takaso stated that the couple has been using for at least four years. Takaso recently said that the last time he and Noriko used drugs was around 7/20 when they went, along with their son, to Amami Oshima in the Kagoshima prefecture.

Takaso has already been indicted for drug possesion, but faces a second charge for 97 milligrams of additional drugs found in house in Chiba. Although Noriko may or may not be indicted for the 8 milligrams found in her home, police is trying to get her indicted on a joint possesion charge for the drugs found in Takaso’s house in Chiba.

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