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Mika is a CANDY GIRL!

nakashima mika

Songstress, Mika Nakashima is coming out with a new single called, “CANDY GIRL” on 9/30. The single is a collboration with fashion brand, SLY.

“This is first time I’ve ever done a song like this, so shooting the PV and doing the jacket shooting was really fun”, said Mika.

I’m looking forward to this new song. I think Mika has a very unique voice and is one of the few in Japan that has that R&B sound. While I think she needs to stay away from rock songs (aka her NANA songs), she is definitely a singer you should try if you haven’t heard her yet. Plus you get some awesome shirts, how can you go wrong with that?

Creative director, Mizuki Ueda of SLY stated, “We’ve always liked Mika. She has a bewitching factor about her: elegant, intoxicating and cute. She’s the ideal women for SLY.” About the song “CANDY GIRL”, “Women are very versatile, there’s a part of the song that’s strong, sexy and sweet. It will definitely get everyones’ attention. It’s like a musical, you can definitely feel the story in the song.”

Here’s where things get really good. If you’re able to obtain a 1st Press Limited Edition of the single, you get a set of 1 of 3 shirts designed by SLY. There are only going to be 3,000 made, so pre-order yours today! “CANDY GIRL” has a circus theme, hence the concept behind the jacket and pv.

Pre-order at CDJ: Limited Edition A | Limited Edition B | Limited Edition CRegular Edition

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