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Tohoshinki vol.4

dbsk tvxq

With all that’s going on with TVXQ right now, it’s amazing how label’s will cash in while the pipes hot.

TVXQ will release a new DVD called “History in Japan vol.4“. The DVD is a documentary on their activities in Japan from 2008-2009; on top of their previous release, “All about Tohoshinki Season 3“, earlier this month. That DVD has 6 DVDs, so what could you possibly get in this new one? Probably a lot of backstage and member point-of-view shots that weren’t included in the 6 DVD set? It’s a documentary, what do you expect?

Seems to me that avex and SME are trying to get out as much money as they can before any decision is made by the courts. Because if DBSK loses, there is a 50/50 chance that they will disband, especially if the other two members said they would most likely follow the others. One of the only true ways to get out of a contract is to disband, well in Japan anyways; I’m not too sure if that holds up in Korea, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

How much will this DVD cost you? A whole $42USD. The DVD first press comes with a postcard too. At least you have some incentive?

The DVD will be in stores and available for online delivery on 10/28/09.

Preorder this now at CDJ, you know you want to.

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