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Because this is STC…

Is why I’m going to write this to get this off my chest because it’s really annoying.

I love K-Pop just as much as the next person; but really, Korean (native) fans are neurotic.  Every idol that comes out of that country is under surveillance 24/7, even on T.V.

G-Dragon got some great, but not so great publicity for his album. All the accusations are hurtful, but it got his album to top 9 of 10 positions on the first day. People said he was depressed, but he clarified that in the recent NYLON interview; he’s not depressed, just a deep thinker. People call him a ‘fashionista’, ok well half the time I think he’s a fashion victim of his style. That’s okay though because it’s his own style, that’s why he’s got his own flavor and that’s what draws people’s attention. The latest antics now on him is not his album but what he did on BigBangTV. He supposedly, I’m assuming people thought, threw up the middle finger.


This is what the network had to say:

About the recent criticisms of Big Bang GDragon’s hand gesture featured during Mnet 2NE1TV recently, Mnet staff revealed their stand, “We were flustered and speechless.

On Mnet 2NE1TV aired on 12th August GDragon was seen showing a hand gesture to the camera but the past was mosaic out.

Choi PD to the show said, “We didn’t think that it was a sign of swearing or sorts after looking at the video, but we foresee people playing around with the image using photoshop and posting them up on internet.  So we decided to mosaic it out.

It was known that there is fear that there may be negative influence on GDragon if the image of him showing the hand gesture will be used to make other weird photos and circulated online and that was why it was handled this way when the show was aired. But they didn’t know that it will also cause an issue by doing the mosaic effect on the scene.

2NE1 TV staff said, “It can be seen that this is just a mere gesture of a singer moving to the rhythm of the music.” (ncly@bbvipz)

Can you see where I have the issue? Seriously, if a network had to think that far ahead because of the fans and anti’s, that’s just plain sad. A network nor the artist should have to think about that. If anything it looked like he was trying to pull off the bulls horn that all rockers do. To be honest, I think that’s Jiyong’s way doing the bull horn.

Here’s another example of what netizens need to stop doing: Meanwhile, there was also an issue about the pants which 2NE1 member Gong MinJi wore during 2NE1TV with the bear prints on them. There were many discussions about how the prints are not suitable for a minor like MinJi. (ncly@bbvipz)

minji 2NE1

Okay really, do you need me to go there?

It’s carebears for heaven’s sake. The girl is 15, she’s not allowed to like the carebears? Do you know how many 20-somethings I know that still like Hello Kitty, Rainbow Bright, Cabbage Patch Kids? If anything she’s at the right age. Carebears are for everyone, I’m not seeing how they’re not ‘suitable‘ for her. They even blurred out the little pipi of the carebear, what is that about? I’m sure when she bought those PJ’s she wasn’t thinking of anything other than how cute they are.

I think the fans and whoever is watching these are watching a bit too close. You all need a life, stop messing in their lives. They’re just doing their jobs, doing what they like and wearing what they like.

Can’t you like them and leave them at the same time? They’re not perfect you know, they all got flaws, hell if anything they got a lot of imperfections. This is why it must be hard to be a Korean celebrity, everyone is on your case like MJ is on kids. At least in Hollywood, we take everything with a grain of salt.

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