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GLAY and their money: What to do with it all?

Let’s just say after 15 years they are putting their money to work. GLAY spent a whopping 1.5 billion yen on for 2 days in Nissan Stadium. Over 150,000 fans attended the “GLAY 15th anniversary Special Live 2009 THE GREAT VACATION”.

Dubbed the “HOTEL GLAY”, they performed 21 songs on a stage that is 100 meters wide and 30 meters deep. For some great fan service, the guys ran/walked up and down a 500 meter long extension that circled the entire stadium. Way to go GLAY.

Don’t forget to catch them this September 9 in San Francisco and September 11~12 at the House of Blues in Hollywood. GLAY will be starting off their tour state side and then continue their tour in Japan in November.

For more information read GLAY returns to America.

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2 Responses

  1. werei says:

    1.5 billion yen ?

    They sure have become very rich. It’s Nice that they will spend some of this money with their fans.

  2. Sw Eden says:

    they are the super crazy dogs.
    : )
    I saw their album in ANA airplane.
    Maybe, they paid for ANA, too.
    I dont know.

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