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Aya Ueto hopes you will cry!

ueto aya astro

Aya Ueto was chosen to appear in the Japanese version of the animated film, Astro Boy. The film was directed by Hollywood filmmaker, David Bowers.

It is such an honor that I have been appointed to dub the global hero,” said Aya. “I tried to speak clearly to make it easier for children to understand their hero. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker this one. I hope people go to see it and have a cry.

Based off the popular 1970’s manga, Astro Boy (Osamu Tezuka), the manga is about a humans and androids co-existing. After Atom dies, he is remade into a robot by his father, Dr. Tenma.

Actor Koji Yakusho will be playing Dr. Tenma, Atom’s father and scientist. The movie, ATOM will be hitting theaters in Japan on October 10.

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