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The truth about Big Bang and G-Dragon’s debuts’

big bang

Just a few more days and you all can get your Big Bang and G-Dragon fix. Both of them will be dropping their debut albums this week (Big Bang for their Japanese debut and GD for his solo debut).

While we all heard GD‘s sneak peek’s he’s been dropping, previews of Big Bang‘s album has hit the net already. While I’m not prone to them in Japan, whatever floats their boat. Honestly, they just need to release a whole English album and just have it release state side. They’re English isn’t horrible and I can already see them on BET. Yes, you read that right, BET, because you know, BET is probably the best place for them. Maybe MTV, but let’s be honest, BET’s audience is Big Bang’s style.

Now for the reality check, the harsh, yet truth about their albums, as said by me. Take the album review with a grain of salt, because everyone has their own opinons.

Big Bang‘s titled, “Bringing you Love.”, but really, I’m not feeling the love. Three of the eleven tracks are Japanese remakes of their Korean songs and the rest of the songs just are not up to par. I like dance tracks, but they also sound like recycled beats from their Korean dance songs. Why couldn’t they stay Hip Hop/R&B? I feel like they’ve degraded somehow. This is why I say they should have stayed in Korea and not gone to Japan. I realize YG is trying to make more money, but really, they couldn’t get any better songs? This album sounds rushed and slapped together. Much like SNSD‘s 2nd mini album that was released back in June. It’s more of quantity over quality, because they know fans will buy it either way. Even though I bought it (for support), at least I didn’t want to return it like I did with w-inds.s’ “Single Mega Mix” that came out a couple of years ago.  That was just a pure waste of money and till this day, I still want my money back for that cd. After listening to it, the only one I like so far is, Stay.  Also looking at the track list, it seems like their mini indie albums they released last year are better than this Japanese debut album. Sorry Big Bang, I love you and all, but I think you need better producers or GD you need to step it up. I know your busy and all with your solo, but seriously, your solo could wait, the group can’t.

As for Jiyong’s debut solo album, HEARTBREAKER, hearing some of the previews he’s released, I don’t know if I’m looking forward to this cd. I like Jiyong, but his style is the same and he’s not even original anymore. His rap and flow just aren’t that diverse. At least T.O.P can change it up, even if it’s a tiny bit, at least it’s a change. The music he produces, sounds the same in almost every song. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Lies”, “Haru Haru” and “Heaven”. They all sound the same. Even “We belong together”, “This Love”, “Forever With You”, etc. I could name a few more but really that’s all I can list and you all get my point. Also, no matter what you biased fangirls’ say, some of his music on there are borrowed beats. I won’t go as far as to say that he plagerized, but if you can’t even hear the similarities then you need to clean your ears more throughly. If you think he can drop it like its hot, that’s fine.  From a person who loves music and has awesome musicality, he did recycle beats. Get over it.

I say all this with love.

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3 Responses

  1. vi says:

    fosho fosho.
    i didn’t even BUY my megamix CD, but i sure as hell think my friend who DID buy it for me needs her money back. what bs. >__>;

    annnnyways. i’m def with you on this one.

    &yes, people who listen to music can hear that GD reused beats. period. end of story, end of fg arguments. if you HONESTLY think he didn’t and you’re not just being a biased fg, you needa like…i don’t even know. 😐 that’s just sad. ‘coz ANYONE can hear the similarities. f’realll

  2. hjgjhkj says:

    their gonna think think of BB as a gay group on BET and their not in their gangsta image anymore,tae touching TOPs crotch

    • suitestaboo says:

      I wasn’t talking about in terms of image, I was talking about their style, their music. 🙂

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