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[UPDATE] DBSK lights up Meiji Shrine!


Despite the fuel going on with SME, DBSK still knows how to work their arses’ off. On 8/6, the boys put on a spectacular show displaying fireworks on a “Kokuritsukyougijou special stage” in the garden of Meiji Shrine. They performed 7 songs including their new one “Stand by U“.

Even though the 3 members who are looking to re-“define” their contract with their company, SM Entertainment, showed up together as one to show that they are still going strong.

Changmin spoke to the fans and said, “Even though today’s live will be cut short, I hope you all have a lot of fun. We will keep doing our best.” After that was said he received a lot of screams and a huge round of applause from the fans.

a-nation 2009 _logo_

Also, good news for all the Japanese fans, DBSK will still be performing at “a-nation ’09”. They will perform at 3 shows:

8/22 Aichi
8/23 Tokyo
8/29 Osaka

To see photo’s of the live, click more…

Avex has also put up some announcements regarding the matter with the 3 greedy boys from the group. While Avex hopes they can work everything out, DBSK has full support from Avex and will be watching over them as much as they can.

Just FYI, for those of you who think DBSK is signed with Avex, I was told (by a reliable source), that any foreign group that enters Japan, is still solely under their home countries’ management (they will make all the decisions for them), and that the country they are in (Japan in this case), only has licensing rights. Serisouly I just felt like saying that, that really had no point to this article.

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  1. Tara says:

    However, private contracts do not supercede the national laws of Japan. Japan has specific laws written to protect foreign employees in Japan, that take precedence over any contracts made in their home country or within Japan.

    The number of hours a foreign employee can be forced to work in Japan is written out very specifically. It does not matter who their employer is. Anyone who conducts business in Japan must obey these laws.

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