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Lead’s mini live cut short!

lead gira gira profile

So Lead, just released their new single “GIRA GIRA Romantic” and held a mini release live along with a handshake event to celebrate their new single. Three thousand fans showed up at Lazona Plaza in Kawasaki to see their four favorite boys in action.

Although, due to the unbearable heat, the mini live was cut down to 25 minutes. The guys were sweating up a storm and were told they had to cut the show short. It’s OK though, they did a handshake event that had over 1100 fans show. It was quite funny at the end, as the last girl had 5 tickets, so she went and made 5 rounds to boys. It was cute though, it showed how much she loved the boys and how to make Akira playful. The last round she made, he just stood there, as if he was just gonna let her through and not even touch her. But then he smiled and shook her hand one last time, as all of them did.


Imagine standing there for 3 1/2 hours or so and shaking 1100 hands. I don’t know about you, but I think I would have kept a hand santizer with me.

Doing handshake events is hard. I give artists props for standing there and bearing with the fact that they have to stand there for hours and touch strangers. Even though the Japanese staff push you on, it’s to keep the line going (that and they don’t want you chit chatting with the artist). It’s all in good fun?

Set List:
1. Manatsu no Magic
2. Show Me the Way
3. GIRA GIRA Romantic

Also, Lead will be doing a mini live in Odaiba at Fuji TV Land for “Kai! Music Show” on 8/8 and 8/9, starting at 4PM. In order to get into the event, you need to have a ticket that came with the new single.

Lead backstage after the Osaka cd release event.

thanks to akkun for the photos.

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