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avex’s’ comment on DBSK situation


Avex finally makes a comment on the whole situation concerning DBSK.

“We understand what the media and fans are saying, but we do not have anything to say to them at this time.”

So their comment in short is, “no comment”. This was in concerns to the “A-Nation” concert that is coming up, as to whether or not DBSK will be joining the concert this year. I say forget ’em. Three of five members want out, the other two don’t. If they are having issues let them dissolve it without the pressures of fans and media getting in their faces 24/7. The fast this is resolved, the faster everyone can get over it.

Must be nice to be avex though, they are bigger than SME and can actually get away with stuff like not having a comment. It’s pretty cool though, they commented a whole long sentence just to say they have no comment. Good job guys!

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