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Keita and JaeJoong are close friends!

dbsk fans on crack

These are some (pyschotic) dedicated DBSK fans, because they are blocking the road to SME’s building.  Why oh why would you do this? I mean think of all the dirt and nasties on the road from the cars and people walking on it. At least put a mat or a towel on the ground girls. Seriously, how do you expect to marry one of them if you they know you have bugs and flees on you like a hobo? I’d be worried about getting an un-even tan and things other than lice in my hair. Who knows what be flying around in the air and what’s lying in that gravel that can crawl up in your ear, hair and your cherry! OMG there’d be more than just crabs in there now!

Thanks to Amy for the correction on the photo above. I got it from a blog, but I didn’t cite the blog because I couldn’t remember what blog I got it from. Amy says its a sech-skies fans. But all the same, they’re still crazy for doing that. So I still stand by what I said above, just hope that DBSK fans arn’t that crazy.

On a happier note, check out Keita (w-inds.) and Jaejoong. Man Keita, you get around! You’re friends with G-Dragon and apparently he’s really close friend’s with JaeJoong! So close, they go to Tokyo Tower together.

Are you trying to surround yourself with only good looking guys? You know that’d be an interesting combo to see if they all did something together. I think it’d be like w-inds. because Keita can’t really dance as good as the other two. I laugh because for some reason they all have the same hair color and style almost. Or it looks like Keita is trying to match the other two. He did say and I quote, “My closest friend who is beautiful and cool, Jaejoong.”  I am surprised though, they are almost the same height, that or Keita‘s slouching, but I don’t think so.

This was taken at Tokyo Tower yesterday or sometime earlier this week.
keita jaejoong

GD keita

source: keita’s blog

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3 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Those aren’t DBSK fans. That pic is from way back when another Kpop boyband(Sech Skies) disbanded.

    • suitestaboo says:

      oh really? ahaha I found it on another blog but I couldn’t remember what the blog was which is why I didn’t cite it. Oh well… thanks!

  2. NARUMI says:

    I would Like to say some THINGS here ^^

    Firstly, What do you know about Keita Tachibana of w-inds.??
    FYI, Blonde hair is very very COMMON every where in earth~
    So don’t blame hair colors cuz it is COMMON and Keita has been having blonde since he was 15..

    Height? OH COME ON~
    Keita is 183cm and it ain’t his fault when he is TALL..

    and whats with this “he can’t dance as good as the other”??
    at least He sings even better~ 😉

    and I think you should be ashame of saying those things, You are talking bad things about your JaeJoong’s close friend..
    Think of that before you talk like this about others..

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