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The Heavenly Gravi Idol: Sayuki Matsumoto


Last month, Sankei Sports took 20 Gravi Idols and held a “Photographing a Visual Queen”, photography event in Nerimaku, Tokyo. 1000 fans showed up to see these “Visual Queens” in their swimsuits and yukatas.

“Onichan” of the “Oni no warajuku” (TV Asahi program), took notice of Sayuki Matsumoto and decided to take a collection of photo’s of her.

The UFO-loving girl said that this summer, “I want to see a lot of things and go to Mexico”.

Sayuki released 2 DVD’s called, “Shotaiken” (First experience) and “Sexy Spy Battle”. In order to promote her DVD’s she will hold an event on 8/2 at 14:00 in Akihabara, Tokyo at the Lamtara Media Works Rudo Akiba shop.

Sayuki Matsumoto was born on December 9, 1984 in Mie. Her bloodtype is AB and is 172cm tall. She measures at B91W60H89 (G-cup). She loves playing soccer and hobbies include games, UFO and Fujiko Mine.

To see the photo gallery click below.

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Mika Saeki graduates from AKB48


AKB48s’ B-Team member, Mika Saeki(19), she announced she will be graduating on 8/23 at AKB48s’ last concert at Nippon Budokan. She also made this announcement at the [AKB48 Theater House] in Akihabara as well. She received many comments about it on her blog.

Earlier this year, Mika had hurt her left leg and received medical attention. But the time has come for her to rest and fully recover. It was a hard decision on her part, because if she does not take the time to concentrate and recover, her leg may never fully heal. She is doing this to preserve her future.

Mika commented, “It’s really lonely graduating alone, so I want to get better fast so I can realize my dream.

Mika‘s teammate Rei Fuijie(15), with whom she debuted with 1 1/2 years ago believes this is for the best and that Mika will come back soon.

Mika isn’t the only will be graduating, Risa Naruse, who left earlier this May to treat her cervical hernia disc will also join Mika.

I’m not sure if Risa‘s is as bad as YOSHIKIs’ (I hope not), but it’s good that she’s getting it treated now, Risa is young and healthy and has a long life ahead of her.

We wish both girls luck on their final days as members of AKB48 and hope they return soon. Sad to say, but this means they won’t be in New York either in September.

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Kaori Kawamura died today.


Singer Kaori Kawamura died today at 11:01AM. Last year, it was reported that her breast cancer had indeed come back, and today she lost that battle. Family will hold her a service for her, but only close friends and family will be able to attend the service.

“Kawamura was born in Moscow to a Japanese father, who worked for a trading company, and a Russian mother. She and her family moved to Japan when she was 11 and she was subjected to repeated bullying. perhaps as an escape, she soon got into the local music scene. She made her debut with the album “Zoo” in 1988. In 1990 she had a hit with “Kamisama ga Oritekuru Yoru” and the following year with the often-covered “Tsubasa wo Kudasai.” That year she made the first of several movie appearances in “Tokyo Kyujitsu.” From the mid-1990s, she split her time between New York and Japan, and got involved in the club scene in the late 90s. She and guitarist Motoaki married in 1999 and had a daughter in 2001, but were soon separated. In 2004 Kawamura was diagnosed with breast cancer, which had claimed her mother a few years earlier, but following a mastectomy she returned to work the next year. She and Motoaki divorced in 2007. In October 2008 she wrote on her blog that the cancer had returned and spread to her bones and lungs. Though – or perhaps because – she knew her time was limited, she had a busy schedule this year, performing concerts, publishing a book and releasing “K,” her first original album in 13 years.” (JapanZone)

It’s a sad time for old school J-Pop lovers. Post 2000 J-Pop fans may not care, but for a some of us, losing an artist like Kaori is a big loss. I pray for her and her family and friends.

You will be missed Kawamura-san.

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YOSHIKI’s surgery a success.

Yesterday at 8AM (PST), YOSHIKI under went cervical surgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital. The surgery was a great success, although it was a success, we’ll see how well the went in his recovery.  With great news like this, the L.A. staff members were jumping for joy and a concert in France may just be around the corner.

Props to your doctor for helping you out YOSHIKI. Even though I think you’re old and you need to retire and just produce artists (other than your own band), I can not deny the fact that I was a huge X-Japan fan a decade ago. You still have those killer ballads, literally. I hope you make a full recovery so that you do what you’re doing. Cause if you didn’t we wouldn’t be able to write about you or make snarty comments.

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BIG BANG Special – Mezamashi Live

Here are the performances from Big Bang‘s Mezamashi Live. The last one is a fancam of the new songs, “Stay“, that will be released on their new album on 8/19. This is their last live in Japan for right now, as promotions are done for their singles and they will be heading back to Korea. I also love how the Japanese fans are all calling them by their Korean names and not the Japanese names. They should have just stuck with their Korean names, they sound so much better than their Japanese stage names.

On that note, for some reason I really want Big Bang back in Korea. They are going back! THANK GOD! I just hope they do stuff. I know Jiyong has his solo so that’s good. I’m just happy they’re going back to Korea next week. I don’t know what it is, but having them in Japan is really annoying. Someone change my mind. PLEASE!

credit: Juliette10111, TYPICALpocky, miraiGD

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Ryuhei is a new papa!


Actor, Ryuhei Matsuda and model, Rina Oota are proud new parents to a healthy baby girl. Rina gave birth on 7/4. Ryuhei announced the wonderful news on his website on 7/27.

The two married on January 11, 2009, on Rina‘s birthday. She was pregnant at the time but the two have been dating for about a year and a half.

Honestly I didn’t even know he was married, especially to a model no less. But I wish them happiness and all the joy in the world. If you don’t know who Ryuhei is, he played Ren in the movie NANA. Rina is a famous fashion model, you would have seen her in nicola, non-no, Zipper, Pretty Style, SEDA, etc.

Ryuhei expressed, “She is really cute. I’m really happy.

I hope they post photo’s of their baby on their homepage, because I’m sure their baby girl is really cute.

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