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Big Bang @ Ameba Studio

Is it me or does Jiyong look really really tired? Well they did have to get up at 5 or so (look at all that Red Bull sitting there), that or he got up and slapped on all that stuff so he doesn’t have to do his hair or make. Which is smart because no one other than me would question why he looks like that.  He’s probably stressed because he did his whole album (in which I am hoping you don’t pull a keita (w-inds.) and it doesn’t sound all the same).

What I’ve concluded from this 5 minute ‘special’ with the guys is, Japan made them wake up too early, Daesung and Seungri’s Japanese got better, GD doesn’t like mornings, well getting ready anyways and T.O.P is a man whore. JK! Well he would date everyone in the group, so if you want to date T.O.P then just have one of their personalities.

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