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Idoling!!!’s Erika is a G-cup!


On 7/29, IDOLING!!! member, Erika Tanizawa(18) released a DVD titled “Yaza Pie (=White Heart Mark- School)“. Erika graduated from high school this past March and said, “I’m still going to give school my all”, all while changing into 7 different costumes.

She also came out in a polka-dotted bikini and did the “PuruPuru” swing in a tennis challenge. Erika stands at 150cm with measurements of B88W61H86. Some of the other costume changes were a yukata and a cheerleader.

Because I haven’t done so in a long time, I’ll give you guys something to fap about, just be sure to clean up after yourselves. Now imagine an idol, swinging a tennis racket, in a polka-dotted bikini, who has G-cups. Stop. Pause. Done?

To commemorate this event, she will perform at Ishimaru store in Akihabara Softmap Amusement House. She will be there from 15:00-18:00 on 9/6.

OK. Now you know they all have implants, because there has been 3 too many idols that have G-cups, and that includes Nana. Well at least they don’t all look bad, I can actually look at them. Though I have to wonder what a G-cup really is over there, because I’m sure that’s just a C or D-cup over here. I also find it interesting that they would let her do something like this since she’s an “idol” and not a gravi idol. When I say idol, I mean the groups with 7+ girls in it singing happy songs about stuff non of us really care about. Then again she is with VF, so it kinda makes sense.

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