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YOSHIKI’s surgery a success.

Yesterday at 8AM (PST), YOSHIKI under went cervical surgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital. The surgery was a great success, although it was a success, we’ll see how well the went in his recovery.  With great news like this, the L.A. staff members were jumping for joy and a concert in France may just be around the corner.

Props to your doctor for helping you out YOSHIKI. Even though I think you’re old and you need to retire and just produce artists (other than your own band), I can not deny the fact that I was a huge X-Japan fan a decade ago. You still have those killer ballads, literally. I hope you make a full recovery so that you do what you’re doing. Cause if you didn’t we wouldn’t be able to write about you or make snarty comments.

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  1. luis says:

    old!!???, you fool, for a great musician, there´s no age, I thank you for the good news, but I think your comment do not have any reason to be

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