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Who will win G-Dragon’s attention?


We all know that G-Dragon (BIGBANG) is in “love” with Aoi Yuu. But now that Kobayashi(18) has just won the “Miss Magazine” gran prix. With stats of 80-57-88(cm) and a white shining body, can she steal the spotlight from GD’s eyes?

Kobayashi stated, “It’s like a dream come true, I can’t believe it. I want to be someone like Aoi Yuu who seems so natural.

The award ceremony was held in Ikebukuro on 7/12 at the Sun City Plaza, where Minamino Youko and Yasuda Misako presented the gran prix to the tiny little thing.

Other winners:
Miss weekly shonen magazine, Kikusato Hikari(15)
Miss young magazine, Arai Megumi(14)

Special awards (runner-up):
Takagi Koto(18)

OK serisously, who else here is thinking pedo with Megumi and Hikari?

source: sankei

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