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w-inds.’ Sweet Fantasy Ruined!

Fans of the popular group, w-inds., have been causing an uproar since their Yokohama live. The group started their summer tour, SWEET FANTASY, and this time included female dancers in their show. Apparently they weren’t welcomed. The fans were so mad at the group as well as the dancers that they actually “Boo-ed” the group and the girls. At one point Ryohei didn’t want to sing, and Ryuichi was supposed to sing in his place but he didn’t want to, and Keita got “booo-ed” while singing.

A fan report states, “The girls were REALLY PISSED because at one part, keita and the girl fake kiss behind a screen, and then in another part, keita bends the girl over doggy style and roughs her up, and then in YET ANOTHER part, keita’s sitting on two chairs while the two girls molest him.”

Netizens who went to the Yokohama live are raving mad and have continuously made their voice heard not just at the concert but online as well through their blogs. Numerous reports of angry fans equals a no-no. Because of the feedback (if you want to call it that) that has been received, one of the dancers, achi has blogged about it and it seems they changed the scenes. He’s even had to delete comments because of such negative feedback from the w-inds.’ fans.

A recent live report from a fan says “Upside Downのすりガラスのシーンは慶太君がソファに座って歌って すりガラスのキスシーンはダンサーさんに変わりました。 女性ダンサーさんとの絡みはなくなりました。” ((Upside Down is the name of the song) The glass scene with Keita sitting down singing with the girl and is “kissing” her has been change. The two don’t even touch.”)

In short, the fans ruined w-inds.’ first show of the tour and their sweet fantasy. It’s no secret that w-inds., especially Keita, is a huge fan of Big Bang and I believe they were trying to do more of their style of things, especially adding the female dancers. Alas it did not work. I’m sure the random chair in the pamphlet had significance too. Because of those Japanese fans, w-inds. now has to re-organize a bit. All those months of preparations gone down the drain.

The two dancer girls are the middle and right side. They belong to a crew called, Squall Noize and are regulars on the hip hop dance show, SUPER CHAMPLE.

You girls need to get over it, the guys are going to be 26 and 25 years old, if they haven’t gotton laid by now, I’d be worried. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all have girlfriends. Honestly, I would have paid to see that. Keita holding a girl doggy style? I could only imagine what he was thinking during rehearsal and during the show. He was probably thinking, “Is this how you do it?”.

What I’m not understanding is Big Bang, KAT-TUN, DBSK and other groups use female dancers and some in a more explicit way, and get a way with it. w-inds. does it ONCE and they get black balled. I can kind of understand the mentality though, only a bit. w-inds. dominates Asia in terms of popularity. They are #1 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, in terms of being the “best overseas group in Asia”. (They won several awards for this in each country.) Up until the 1st show, they’ve never displayed any females in their shows, thus making them more “unique” in that sense, since they are one of the few boy bands that didn’t use females at all.

What I do laugh upon is that all the overseas fans are OK with the female dancers. I for one was happy they finally added females. I mean watching 8 guys dance to a song called “Crazy for you” is just plain wrong and gay. While all the Japanese fans are furious. Well at least now w-inds. knows that they’re Japanese fans are all 미치다. If you don’t know that go look it up.

The tour is called “SWEET FANTASY” for a reason! get over it! You’re all just jealous because he wasn’t doing that to you.

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5 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    achi’s one of the male dancers.

    • suitestaboo says:

      LoL thanks. I just knew that achi is a dancer, but I figured since I looked at the SN’s member list.

  2. Tofu says:

    I agree with yaa!! I’d be worried too if they didn’t get laid yet… But anyway your right, all us over seas fans are happy about it! After all, now that they have girl dancers, us female dancers have a shot to maybe tour with them xD It’s still my dream xD

  3. lovesweet says:

    by the way other people really njoy the concert so just go to %^&* those people just only want to do mess up..

    by the way KAT-TUN? i think never use girl in concert.. only Pv i think.

  4. Tora says:

    Yep, they’re definitely heading for a disbandment. Oh well, I’ll still love Ryu-chan.

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