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Kimura Kaela & Perfume = New unit!


Kimura Kaela will be doing a performance at the Yokohama Arena called “HOTSTUFF 30th Anniversary Special Live out of our heads”. The live is a collaboration with group Perfume on July 4, 2009. Also performing with them will be Snoopy and the Peanuts gang to form a small band.

Kaela (left) also released a new album called “HOCUS POCUS”, on June 24, 2009.

Starting on June 25, 2005, she will start filming for the CM “Hot Pepper” by Recruit. The CM’s catch phrase “Kounago with NEW HOT PEPPER” will have Kaela as the font woman. The band with her is none of other than Snoopy and Peanuts band. Kalea really loves Snoopy so she’s really happy to be performing on stage with the characters.

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