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Here are some up coming releases from VF Artist: MAX, DA PUMP, Nana Tanimura, AKB Idoling!!!

MAX will be releasing a new single 7/22/09 called, “Rough Cut Diamond”.  It’s been 3 years since their last summer dance number. I’m excited for this! Mina is back and all is right with the world… well at least in the JPop world of girl bands.

【CD+DVD】 Y1800 (AVCD-16182/B)
【CDのみ】 Y1050 (AVCD-16181)

Track list
01: ラフカット ダイアモンド
02: The Power Of Love
03: ラフカット ダイアモンド (Instrumental)
04: The Power Of Love (Instrumental)
01:ラフカット ダイアモンド <MUSIC CLIP>


The once 3-man group called DA PUMP, is now 9 (yeah go figure) and is releasing a new single dropping 7/15/09 called “SUMMER RIDER”. It will be the theme song to “Seiryo Sports” CM.  You’d think because you see 9 grown guys, you’d have to change your chonies, but you don’t. It’s OK, ISSA your still hot for your age! But stop trying to act so young! No matter how many young boys you surround yourself with (that sounded wrong didn’t it?) you’ll still be old. We still got love for you though!

【CD+DVD】 AVCT-30133/B ¥1,800(tax incl.)
【CD】 AVCT-30134 ¥1,050(tax incl.)

Track list:
2. Sweetin’ ~la di la di~

3. Thunder Party ~DP ’09 MIX~

4. SUMMER RIDER(Instrumental)

5. Sweetin’ ~la di la di~(Instrumental)

6. Thunder Party ~DP ’09 MIX~ (Instrumental)

・SUMMER RIDER -Music Video-
・SUMMER RIDER -Bonus Dance Video- *First Press only

Nana Tanimura

The D-Cup, lawyer studying idol is back with her 6th single, “every-body” and is written by MONKEY MAJIK. I’m not sure what to make of her even after 5 singles. She says she wants people to like her for her music, for her “talent” and not her looks, yet she’s known as the idol with D-Cups, shaking her bon-bon in short skirts and bikini tops.  Let’s give this big breasted girl another chance! She may even grow you on!

【CD+DVD】\1,800 (AVCD-16184/B)

Track list:


3.Mind Ya Biz

4.every-body -instrumental-

5.GIRLS WANNA BE -instrumental-

6.Mind Ya Biz -instrumental-
・Music Clip
・Special Making

Fifteen girl group, AKB Idoling!!! will release a new single this summer called “Mujyouken Koufuku” (Unconditional Happiness). And you all thought that H!P and SM could bust out them girl groups. Fear not, they’re no where near as good as SNSD, but better than H!P. If you’re looking for the ‘in-between’, check them out.

This song is too cute! The girls are cute too! I know you guys want to ‘chuu’ them too! How can you not like a PV with cute girls touching each other and talking about making out?

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