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Every Little Thing 2009-2010 Tour “Meet”

Every Little Thing will be starting their nation wide tour, “Meet”. They will tour all over Japan with 33 shows in 32 cities. If you want to pay $70 a pop to see this duo, go for it! If not, wait for the DVD that will come out the end of next year.

Every Little Thing used be a 3 person group with Igarashi as the leader but left early 2000.  Kaoru Mochida and Ichiro Ito have continued activities and since then, their music style has slowly changed especially vocal wise. I used be a huge fan of this group till Igarashi left, after that the music just went “bleh”. Kaori’s vocal style also changed, like she was trying to imitate Yuki from Judy and Mary. That is a big no-no because her vocals are not the same as Yuki’s. But lately their stuff hasn’t been that bad. If you guys never heard of them try one of my favorite songs. You may like it.

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