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Gackt Becomes GACKT!?


GACKT! You look like you need to take dump!

From JapanToday:
Popular singer Gackt, who celebrated the 10th year of his solo career on June 4, kicked off his arena tour at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe this week. At the concert, he announced the “enlargement” of his name, from “Gackt” to an all-capital “GACKT,” explaining, “To commemorate 10 years as an artist, I’ve gone all big letters.

Too bad that’s the ONLY thing that’ll get BIG on you!  At least he explained why it’s ALL CAPITALS.  I think it’s because he has bad eye sight and can’t see anything tiny though. That or he and YOSHIKI got into a big fight, aren’t friends anymore and he’s trying to upstage him. Don’t worry GACKT, YOSHIKI can’t do anything right now, the fans cut his hand off!

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